Who We Are

Valley Technical Partners is just that.. your partner.

We have worked to become the true tested extension of your business and your team. We always aim to have the technical success of your business in mind and work within all verticals of the company to make sure that all business goals have been taken into account. This leads to our ability to assist in the roadmapping process and ensure proper planning, execution, and documentation.

In our 25 years of experience, we have partnered with hundreds of clients across a wide range of industries nationwide, while maintaining client and consultant relationships that extended much beyond the business. Founded by a former IT consultants and architects, we’re committed to strong partnerships with our clients by thoroughly understanding their needs and providing them with premier services.

Our Goal

Our main goal is simple.. YOU! Your success will be our priority by utilizing our highly qualified, highly educated team. These items plus a long term partnership will allow us to learn your business, learn about your team and staff, and help roadmap your future. 

Our Competencies

All projects require proper attention as well as expertise in project management, change management, technical consulting, technical support and project delivery. As a certified Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) and Technical Solution Provider (TSP) our goal is to help you plan, navigate, and simplify your on-site technical, as well as your off-site cloud experience. By utilizing both our team and yours to collaborate on projects, we have all the cloud experience needed to aid your team into a positive cloudy day!