System Center Orchestrator

System Center Orchestrator’s industry leading IT process automation solutions provide the ability to improve business agility and efficiency so IT can deliver services faster, with fewer errors. Orchestrator is geared towards the automation of datacenter and IT operational tasks and processes, so highly skilled IT staff can be reallocated to strategic business initiatives. Automating these processes also drives down management costs and increases productivity; while enforcing compliant best practices aimed at improving performance and availability of all critical business services.

The advantages of Orchestrator:

  • Reduce cost of IT operations
  • Reduce operational complexity
  • Meet service levels
  • Free up strategic resources
  • Reduce human error
  • Enforce best practices

These requirements translate into reduction of service initiation costs, implementation timelines and reduce overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


System Center Orchestrator Fabric Features

  • 100% script-free automation: Behind each workflow action is a form-based dialog box to configure orchestration logic and integrate systems, no script or code. The result is a lower cost of process development and maintenance.
  • 1-Click Integration Data Bus: The only vendor to offer a publish/subscribe data bus that enables integration between all data center tools in minutes.
  • SSCO Intelligent Workflow & Embedded Rules Engines: Create context-adaptive workflows using the embedded rules engine to change and branch processes, using real-time data.
  • Parallel Workflow: Run multiple, concurrent branches of a workflow for high volume processing.
  • Embedded Monitoring: Trigger workflows based on event, scheduled or interactive methods without modifying external systems.
  • Automatic Data Discovery: Connect, discover and display data from target systems (e.g. a new field/form in a service desk field) to eliminate the risk of any process malfunctions when systems change.

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