Assessment – Cloud Readiness

The Cloud Readiness Assessment is an integral and often overlooked step when it comes to working with a Cloud Migration Partner. The goals of the Cloud Readiness Assessment is to aid in the who, what, where, when and why of a cloud migration.


  • Who: Which users will be affected by the migration?
  • What: What is going to be moved, in what ways and in what form?
  • Where: Where is the data going and where is it coming from?
  • When: What is the timeline for completion?
  • Why: What is the goal you are trying to achieve with your migration?

Once complete, the assessment will provide a thorough review of your existing IT environment and will allow our Architects to match

What To Expect

The Cloud Readiness Assessment is a consulting engagement that assists you in examining probable workloads that are candidates for deployment as Cloud services and provides specific planning to facilitate the transformation to the Cloud during the implementation phase.

The objectives of the Cloud Readiness Assessment consulting project are:

  • Incorporate existing IT management policies/procedures, security policies and disaster recovery, archive and backup requirements into your implementation.
  • Prioritize the implementation of the selected workloads and map workload-specific requirements to potential Cloud Service Provider offerings.
  • Identify the impact on existing IT services.
  • Map new Cloud services within the context of a future state model based on best practices and analysis of your selected workloads aligned with your business strategy.
  • Identify/review Cloud Service Providers to satisfy service requirements.
  • Conduct a financial review of comparable IT services.

What We Deliver

  • Project Specific Plan & Cloud Transformation Roadmap
  • Classify existing unstructured data by file type, age, use, value to business, etc.
  • Relate unstructured data to its application(s), from data lifecycle and application criticality perspectives
  • Financial model and business justification for moving to the Cloud

What are the Benefits

  • Help define the strategy and the services that will benefit the organization
  • Understand how unstructured data is used as information and its importance in achieving the organization’s mission

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